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Bring Light and High Frequency Energy  to all

for a healthier and happier community


We  came here with a purpose: support individuals and our community in bringing forth optimal wellness in MIND, BODY, SPIRIT and SOUL.


We practice integrity and respect through courteous interaction, 

and by embracing ethical business practices.

We do not make empty promises.

We will not lie to you in order to earn your trust.

We raise high the standard so you can only receive the best from us.


Meet Peggie


Peggie is a certified crystal practitioner and aroma therapist since 2012.   

After a fun but unfulfilling career as a Marketing and Management professional, she left the field to embrace the world of Energy, herbs, oils, and Crystals.

Her knowledge expands beyond the mere usual information on crystals, oils, and herbs of the common shops.  This is her domain.

Peggie brings her touch of sophistication, and her knowledge of Herbs and Essential Oils to some of the most sought products of our store: the large variety of Candles and  Energetic Sprays.

Peggie is client-centered oriented. She believes that everyone who walks through our door deserves the most up scaled service, and her undivided attention.

She is the most enthusiastic person of the Center.

Meet Gigie


Gigie had been working as a certified and experienced Master in Energy

and  Reiki Healing for more than 20 years, aside from being a journalist

and a published author.

She got involved with crystal energies when one of her sisters was diagnosed with cancer. Her research led her to teachers and masters of high frequency energies. She earned her certifications and became a Crystal Healing Practitioner, and a Chakra Balancing Master.

She never stops studying.

Among many other credentials, Gigie is a Positive Psychology Counselor, a Life Coach, a Sound Healer, and a Chakra Light Healer.

She developed the Mindfulness Meditation Series to simply remove the mystery of emptying one’s mind, and to allow her students to gradually learn how to bring their thoughts into manifestation.

If you do not already meditate, take her advice: Start.

It will be the best decision you ever make.

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